A Taste of Two Pastas!

You gotta love the Italians: if one pasta with a fabulous sauce is good, then two of ’em must be better! I always love watching people new to “The Cortona Experience” as they realize the heaping pile of pasta they have just been served is going to be followed by a second one  of a different shape and sauce — they just can’t quite believe it. This happens often at special dinners at Tonino’s — and I’m glad it does! There are never enough days for me in my limited trips here to try every combination I fancy, so I always do my best to join the “clean plate club”.  Not only is my tongue quite happy with the experience, but it is a lot of fun to try to decide which I like better (“I think definitely this fresh tomato sauce . . . no — wait, this fresh fettuccine with the subtle hint of mushrooms . . . how DO they make it so creamy without tasting too heavy? . . . Hmmm, maybe I like the simplicity of the tomato sauce against the al dente of the penne. . .”) My mind argues with itself as my taste buds dance with delight.
And this is JUST the second course!  Click here to visit Tonino’s again!

Del Martin is a 1976 Cortona Alum and 1978 BFA in Graphic Design from the Lamar Dodd School of Art. She returns to Cortona often and this Spring served as the instructor for Travel Journaling for the 10 day “Cortona Experience” trip sponsored by the school. An avid foodie, she shares her mouth watering impressions of the delicious fare found in and around Cortona with us. Enjoy more from her BLOG here.

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