Abundant , Ambrosial Blood Oranges!

Blood oranges are as beautiful as they are delicious. I never saw or tasted one until I was well into adulthood, and “my first time” I was as entranced by their ruby-to-orange-back-to-ruby color as I was by their sweet tartness.  Here in Georgia they can be hard to find, but in Italy they are abundant.  I love strolling down Via Nazionale in Cortona and seeing the display of fresh fruits and vegetables lining the old stone walls; I especially love how the sunlight reflects off of the vivid hues of a box of blood oranges. I can’t resist: I purchase one to take back to my room, where later I cut it open and sink my teeth into its juicy  flesh. I love that this a pleasure but not a guilty one. I love to lick the crimson droplets off of my lips. I love how this fruit is as much a feast for the eyes as for my tongue. It’s as if I have bitten into the Italian sun and swallowed some of its unique warmth and purity.

The fruit is so red that my white shirt is tracked with scarlet stains — a typically “Del” sort of souvenir of my Cortona visit!
I will attempt a painting of this photograph soon — I look forward to capturing the vivid color in pure pigment. I know that as I am pushing and stroking the pigment onto the paper my  mouth will water as my mind recalls this bright taste of Cortona.

Del Martin is a 1976 Cortona Alum and 1978 BFA in Graphic Design from the Lamar Dodd School of Art. She returns to Cortona often and this Spring served as the instructor for Travel Journaling for the 10 day “Cortona Experience” trip sponsored by the school. An avid foodie, she shares her mouth watering impressions of the delicious fare found in and around Cortona with us. Enjoy more from her BLOG here.

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