Claire Shurley: My Cortona Experience

I’m sure you know this from experience, but Cortona and the relationship UGA has built there is truly special and unlike anything I have seen in any other study abroad program.  The environment is quite perfect, and gave me the opportunity to grow in ways I never imagined—as a young adult, and an artist.  I could go on forever about how blessed I feel to have been a student in Cortona through Lamar Dodd and about how amazing my experience was in every way.

From our travels to various towns and cities each weekend, to the amazingly fresh and delicious food, the sweet friendships of the people of Cortona, the breathtaking scenery, and the plethora of art and art history to take in, digest, learn from, and be inspired by, I was overwhelmed each day with all the beauty and opportunity around me to learn and grow.

In addition to this, it was such an incredible opportunity to be surrounded and guided by some of the most well accomplished and inspiring teachers throughout the entire trip.  I am still looking back to my notes and sketches made while in Italy for inspiration, and am certain that the joy of that trip will never leave me.

Cortona was the best medicine for me, and I hope that it continues to nurture each student that walks through its quaint streets and experiences its beautiful atmosphere.

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