Bulldog Broadcaster Chuck Dowdle Visits Cortona

Legendary sportscaster Chuck Dowdle, host of “Georgia Bulldogs Gameweek,” took a tour through the University of Georgia’s campus in Cortona, Italy. This segment aired Saturday June 2 on WSB-TV.  The Kehoe Center, Piazza della Rebbuplica, an interview with director Chris Robinson, the Mostra…a lot is covered! Thank you WSB and Chuck Dowdle for a quick […]

Spring Mostra 2018

The Spring Mostra was a really fabulous exhibition and everyone agrees that this semester’s opening reception in Palazzo Ferretti was a grand success! Our Spring students and faculty made many friends in Cortona this semester, many of whom came to see their artworks and wish them well as the semester winds down. Check out more […]

Save these Dates! Celebrate Cortona’s 50th Anniversary in 2019

TWO CORTONA 50th ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATIONS IN 2019: In Cortona: Saturday June 8, 2019. Cortona 50th Anniversary CELEBRATION! A special Celebratory Ceremony will be held on Saturday June 8th. In Atlanta: August 10, 2019. Cortona 50th Anniversary Celebration & Reunion! City Springs Center Enjoy an evening of Italian fare & reconnect with old friends. More information […]

Stephanie True Moss

The UGA Cortona family is one fewer, since we lost our dear friend and constant supporter Stephanie True Moss  to Lymphoma on Thursday, April 26. An alumna of summer 1976, Stephanie loved Cortona and the UGA program, and gave endlessly of her time and professional expertise to promote our mission over the years. She was […]

Finster Meets Fellini Meets Philip Neri

April 14 was a night of la dolce vita! An event celebrating art, optimism and a shared passion for our special corner of Tuscany. Cortona friends gathered to help restore San Filippino, a beautiful little 17th century baroque chapel located in in Cortona’s neighboring hill town Castiglion Fiorentino. This Friends of San Filippino inaugural U.S. […]

Kinzey Branham

On March 9, 2018 Kinzey Branham passed from this world, and UGA Cortona lost a friend and a beloved sculpture instructor who touched the lives of many of our students over the years. Kinzey first taught stone carving and bronze casting in Cortona in 2007, and returned three more times over the years to be […]

Annual “Athens Mostra” & Reunion held Jan. 20, 2018

The UGA Cortona 2017 Reunion Exhibition was on display in the Lamar Dodd School of Art at UGA in Athens from January 4-20, 2018. Following an annual tradition that has continued for forty-eight years, the year’s Cortona program alumni gathered for a reunion on at the Lamar Dodd School of Art. Student & faculty works […]

Fall 2017 UGA Cortona Bocce Tournament

The 2017 Fall UGA Cortona Bocce Tournament was epic. The autumn weather was splendid and the competition was fierce. Experienced dawgs fell and neophyte players excelled in surprising ways. At the end of the day, “i Cri” (Chris and Kris) won by a hair, with Caleb and Jacqueline coming in a close second. Thanks to […]

The Rick Johnson Art in Cortona Scholarship

Recently the recipient of the Rick Johnson Art in Cortona Scholarship, Yeonsoo Kim, was honored at a lunch with the Cortona Director Emeritus. Kim was presented with an honorary sculpture created by Johnson for the scholarship recipient each year. Other Cortona/Dodd Professors joined the lunch celebration. Pictured here is Ted Saupe, Rick Johnson, Chris Robinson, […]

Spring 2017 Mostra

Spring 2017 “Mostra” exhibition included an exhibition of fine art, and also a reading of poetry and prose, at Palazzo Vagnotti in Cortona. The opening reception was held April 14, 2017, from 5:30-7:00 pm, with performance of creative writing at 6:00 pm and a silent auction to raise funds for the restoration of the church […]