1972 Summer

Class of 1972 - Summer


  1. Thanks to Laura Greer Castrillon for uncovering her 1972 list identifying everyone in the photo!

    From the very last row at the top of the stairs, from left to right:

    Leslie and Susan Spenser, Bill Donnan, Matt Mastin, Grey Gibson, Moira Kehoe; Prof. Jack Kehoe

    Laura Greer, Bobbie Wolfe, Lucy Bowers, Prof. Joe Smith and wife, Greg Tisby, Prof. Joe Strother and wife

    Gibson Cornwell, Susan Thomas, Mike Page, David Paine, Lou Earl, Edwardo Bendeck, Ronnie Dent, Betty Pebbles, Joe Walters

    Libby Bailey, John Page, Char Pattishall, Harold Bright, Roger Wohlford, Soloman Puckett, Elaine Lockwood, Kevin Tuttle, Shigeko Walton, Art Coffee

    Prof. Russell Sale, Bill Gwin, Nancy Brown, Patrick Mizelle, Eve Walling, Tommy Holcomb, Leslie Carlen, Barbara McCutchen, Barbara Slaymaker Sale, Vee Brown, Jane Deason, Kathy Poppell

    Aurelia Ghezzi, David Rogers, Joe Gardiner, Allen Davis, Larry Ballou, Helen Bailey, Charters Smith, Geoff Bates, Scott Belville

    Ken and Melinda Stephenson, Bert Adams, Harry Baxley, Rick High III, Kirk McLendon, Pam Summers, Helen Stone

    (not shown: Effie Page, Nancy Davis)

    • Allen Davis says:

      A special thanks, Laura, for posting your list! I’ve carefully fine-tuned my filing system over the 4+ decades since Cortona. …so of course I can’t even find my photo print of our group…along with all the names I wrote on the back! Something about connecting names and faces once again has really perked up mental pictures I’d forgotten. Priceless. Thanks again! Oh yeah: even more important, if you have a chance I’d love to hear your story since our Cortona days. – Allen

  2. Allen Davis says:

    Buona sera…I’m one of the beautiful people gracing this photo from (how long has it really been?) so long ago. Chills still rise up thinking of any one of countless moments in a time when I literally lapped up each hour of every day. The feast continues: technology having finally risen to meet the deterioration of my Kodachrome slides, I am even now pulling those dimmed images from obscurity, scanning them day and night, Photoshopping the last literal ounce out of each and every one. The taste, smell, feel, sound of magical environments…the sight of monuments only previously imagined. The endless streets, markets, bars, piazzi, scali opening the curtain again and again to scene after scene of the grandest opera of them all: simple daily life in Europe. And the stars of it all…the people themselves. And then, their complementary stars, filling my full-color memories–the people of our eclectic and irrepressible class. Thanks to every one of you, and until I tread those streets again, only one thing can exceed my expectations: that I can hear YOUR story since those idyllic summer days of 1972! I’m waiting…Allen

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