1977 Summer

Class of 1977 Summer


  1. My wife Gale and I were married at the City Hall in Cortona in 2005 and had fun being photographed right on the spot I was sitting almost 30 years earlier. Professor Kehoe was in attendance and told me he thought I might have been the only alumni until 2005 who’d ever gotten actually married (vs. having a married blessed) in Cortona. If you have a chance get married there! The town did it up right.

  2. Patrick O'Connell says:

    Are you sure this is the photo from 1977? I have that photo, and this is a different photo.

    • Jill Levy Morton says:

      Yes, it is from 1977….I actually found myself in the picture with my magnifying glasses.
      Jill Levy Morton

  3. Patrick O'Connell says:

    I was there …well… rather, not specifically in that photo.

    I was with you guys in Cortona that Summer. But on the day of the photo, I’m afraid I played hooky. I recall one of our professors once “threatening” to burn — at the stake, in Piazza Garibaldi — myself and a couple of other of us, if we didn’t show up for one of the next field trips. Frankly, that professor was exceptionally patient with our small band of occasional truants and minor miscreants.

    Anyway, I’ve lost touch with all of you all. Many of you already knew each other. As a University of Wisconsin student, I never had that luxury. I only had that summer to get know you. Possibly the most memorable summer of my life, I’m having trouble remembering many of your names. I remember most of your faces, many first names (Keith, Randy, Carnillo, three different Susans and more), but nearly all of your last names escape me.

    Some of us spent our last week in Cervinia in the Italian Alps.

    If any of you remember me, please contact me at patrickoconnell@sbcglobal.net. I would love to stay in touch.



    • Have located the photo you sent of class of 1977 and have updated it. Thanks! Now we just have to figure out to which class that other photo belongs!

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