1978 Summer

Class of 1978 Summer


  1. Barbara Hall Powell says:

    Where are you my room mates that lived in the wine cellar? It was cold and damp and Liz and I had the Flu and the phamichia gave us some drug that kept us awake for 3 days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Liz where are you. did you marry Palo and stay in Florence ??? How about Ginger, and Jody, were you at my wedding with Keller jones in1979????????????? Remember Captain Jack Kehoe , and Art Rosenbaum,the music, Seeing Saturday Nite Fever starring John Travolta In Milan one night ,dubbed in Italian! Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!The white Russians at Toninos ,disco dancing at the FOX with the Italian waiters! Benito my favorite bar tenderer ! the wonderful bread free wine and lots of pasta. My Uncle met me at the airport when we got home and the first thing he said was you must have really liked the food! What a wonderful 3 months all for less than 1000 dollars!
    It doesn’t get better then that! Ciao,
    Barbara Hall Powell

  2. Wow, that photo brings back a lot of memories. There I am right in the front row. 😀

  3. Wow! 1978 Cortona Italy. Except for leaving, what was not to love. Where else do they let you take your class picture in a white wife beater T-shirt! I need to study abroad some more. More Cortona please!

  4. I just watched the DVD of the Summer of Joy! It brought back so many memories I remember walking into town with our group of students, The Italian band played ore National Anthem,to greet us! It was so moving,even if they missed a few notes! What a great summer! Ciao

    • There were 2 photos taken that summer,I made it to the first ,but not the second! This must have been a common practice,I have noticed it happened several years so some where out there there is a second photo from summer 1978!

  5. Barbara Lee (Hall) Powell says:

    What ever happened to that documentory they made that year?
    I would love to seeit again! do you have a high resolution version of this Photo?

  6. So nice to visit the site and watch the Video of the School. So many improvements and additions since I was there in 1978. What a wonderful place. I am always thankfull for all the experiences I had there. They left a lasting impression and permiate all that i do. Great job.

  7. How can I get a copy of this photo?

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