1984 Fall

Class of 1984 Fall


  1. So glad I found this picture. Brings back a flood of life changing memories. One of the most memorable adventures of my life!

  2. Dean Brown says:

    I’m there too, not far from Barbara. In fact, we just reconnected last night after 29 years. Cortona proved to be a pivotal moment in my life, and I often reflect on how much my life changed because of that experience. I have kept up with a few mates from the trip but would love to hear from others. I finished a grad degree in Painting at the University of Memphis and have been working as a middle school art teacher in Louisville, KY for the last 21 years. My partner, Henry Gilliam, was also on the 1984 Cortona trip. We met there and have been inseparable ever since

    • Robin Faulkner Simunek says:

      Hi All! I just found this website and this photo. Yep, I’m in it too, right behind Henry! What an experience that was. I loved Italy. I went on to get my MEd with a k-12 Art Certification at Loyola University and was teaching high school art and then adult art classes for many years in the Chicago area. In 1998 I lead a class of art students on a tour through Italy over spring break. My husband Paul and I now live in Fort Wayne, Indiana with our 12 year old daughter. I keep telling them that some day I’ll take them to Cortona. 🙂 I hope everyone else is doing well and healthy. Ciao! – Robin

  3. I’m in this 1984 photo! I’m so grateful to have had such a wonderful experience. Those 3 months in Tuscany was a real highlight in my life. It took 26 years to get back to Europe — which I did with my family in Summer, 2010. My husband and I have three sons ages 23, 19 and 14. Would love to hear what others in the group are up to. Hope everyone is healthy and happy! ~ Barbara

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