Grazie Aurelia

The UGA Cortona family is deeply saddened to learn of the passing of Aurelia Ghezzi, who was integral to the founding of the University of Georgia’s Studies Abroad Program in Cortona, Italy. Working at Jack Kehoe’s side from nearly the beginning, she acted as interpreter and Program Coordinator until the year 2000, and contributed immensely to the shaping of one of the oldest and most prestigious American study abroad programs in Italy today.

An honorary citizen of Cortona since the late 1980s, Aurelia Ghezzi’s bonds of friendship with the city remained strong even after her departure. Cortona’s mayor, Francesca Basanieri, was recently quoted on the Comune Cortona Facebook page, speaking of both Jack and Aurelia:

“We must treasure their example, the passion and the love they invested in our city; we must recognize the fortune we have had to know them and appreciate them; without their work, our city would be different and more poor.”

Grazie, Aurelia, for touching the lives of so many UGA students over the years, and for leaving us with such an important legacy.

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