Professor Lanny Webb to Retire

Whether in graphic design or developing the program to teach it, Lanny Webb’s tenure at LDSOA has always been about developing a path to the future. Often serving as a Cortona Professor, Webb has influenced many Cortona Alumni.

Walk into any computer lab on campus today and you’ll have a variety of tools at your disposal that boggles the mind – or would have in 1980. From simple email programs to desktop publishing, tax software to 3-D computer-aided design tools, we take the power of all of this capability largely for granted today – indeed we expect to have it, and for it work perfectly, every time.

Fall, 2012 will be the first one without Lanny Webb on campus in 31 years. The longtime LDSOA faculty member and administrator is retiring and will move on to more personal artistic pursuits. But 1978-2012 is a span of time and capability that cannot be accurately captured simply in the number of years.

“Back in the 80’s, I was reading what was going on the industry,” he recalls. “I heard about the Macintosh thing and I would go to Atlanta and talk to alumni and ask them, ‘Do you think this is important?’”

And they did – proof that our alumni have long played crucial roles in the guiding the school. Webb, who had become head of the illustration program by that time, admits his own fervor in wanting to keep up with the industry as it began to change. It was a pivotal time for designers, students, the graphics profession and the computer industry, but perhaps most of all for institutions like the University of Georgia. It was a crucial time to have people who were willing to roll up their sleeves and push themselves out beyond what they knew in order to keep up professionally, to find ways to pull the institution along with the changes as they were happening….Read the entire article on the Lamar Dodd School of Art eNews at



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    Welcome to the world of retirement. Keep us posted on your adventures.
    And good luck!

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