Meet Julie Jones

Julie Jones

Semester: Spring 2011

Julie, an Art Education Major from Rome, GA, experienced Europe and Italy for the first time during her Spring Semester in Cortona.  She took three courses: Art Education (Elementary Curriculum and Studio Practices), Relief Printmaking, and Art History.  Julie will graduate in December 2012, and plans to teach and attend graduate school. She also hopes to one day return to Cortona, and would love to take her family and friends because, as she says “the feeling of being there is impossible to describe in words.” Even so, she did a valiant job of answering our questions about her semester in Cortona. We think you’ll enjoy the excerpts from her interview below, as well as a peek at one of her current works.

First impression of Cortona     “It reminded me of a fairytale village, and I was surprised by how few people were there when we first arrived. It was definitely much quieter than Rome and Florence! “

Biggest surprise     “I was surprised by how quickly I adjusted to the culture and the living situations and immediately loved it. I learned how much I was capable of doing that I would normally not have the opportunity to do, like navigate a new town every weekend and live with a group of the most talented people I’ve ever known.”

Greatest challenge     “The most challenging thing was not getting overwhelmed by how many new things there were to do and try and see.  We had to learn to budget our time (and money!) to experience as much as possible in only a few short months.”

Favorite class     “My favorite class was Elementary Curriculum in Art Education.  Erin McIntosh is a wonderful instructor, and we not only got to write our own lesson plans and learn important teaching strategies, we also got to teach our own class at the Cortona elementary school. The experience was once-in-a-lifetime, and the communication we were able to have with the students and their families was an amazing opportunity for us as future educators.”

Life lesson learned      “I learned to be knowledgeable and respectful of different cultures and to embrace all new perspectives. I live every day with a more open mind and a love of spontaneity!”

Best memory      “The most vivid memory I have is the first taxi my three traveling buddies and I took from the Rome airport to our hotel.  We arrived a day earlier than the larger group, and it was definitely the first culture shock to experience the Italian highways and drivers! It was also the greatest feeling of success and excitement after we spoke to the Italian concierge and checked into our room safe and sound.

My Fantasy Artist Dinner Party Quintet     “Picasso and Jackson Pollock to talk about their inventiveness. Other favorites are Peter Doig, Lucian Freud, and Elizabeth Peyton.”

Current project(s)     “I’m currently in one of my last two advanced painting studios, and my body of work focuses on the imperfection of memory and abstraction.

One of Julie’s current paintings: 6’ x 3’ Oil on panel

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