Miriam’s Market in Metals

This is the story of how Miriam’s study abroad experience inspired her to create a series of necklaces based on the display of goods in Italian open-air markets. 

I knew I needed inspiration. Athens, Georgia, where I had been for almost four years, had a lot of exciting things to offer, but I was tired and felt like my artwork was suffering because of it. I’ve always looked to my surroundings for artistic inspiration, but I had seen the same things for so long, I felt like I needed a change. This change came in the form of a chance to spend my last semester of undergrad studying in Cortona, Italy with the University of Georgia’s study abroad program.

As part of my final semester of my BFA degree in Jewelry and Metalworking, I was required to create a series of pieces with a related concept or technique. I wanted to be inspired by my surroundings, and I had heard enough good about the Italian experience to hope that it wouldn’t fail me. Our program met in Rome, spent a few days there, then moved on to Florence. I saw so many museums and churches in those few weeks — more objects and concepts than I could absorb at once. While I took in all of the exquisite and masterful works, I looked at how the themes, concepts, and techniques of these masterpieces could be translated into jewelry. My notebook from those few weeks was filled with ideas for my show, but even with all of the ideas that Rome and Florence inspired, I couldn’t find anything that inspired me enough to make a whole series of jewelry…Read the complete story at www.artrav.com

Thank you Miriam Rowe for contributing your wonderful photos and story to arttrav!


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